Amanda Raby is a Dirty-South Wizard-Pop artist with infusions of Electro-Folk and World

Amanda Raby is a Dirty-South Wizard-Pop artist with infusions of Electro-Folk and World.

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Finally, you can get a hi-fidelity version of Kimchi Punani for all your fancy Korean dance parties. This song was inspired by a brilliant Korean drummer/ex-lover named Yun Kim. Raby composed this song in a tiny cabin in Central Texas and brought it to LA producer Connect the Dots for next level mixing. Raby's performances of Kimchi Punani featured world class dancers including Nova Hann, Stephanie Federoff and Liz Bits. You may have tasted Raby's Kimchi Punani at Lightning in a Bottle, Big Dicks House of Big Boobs or Envision Fest. Now you can enjoy it in the sanctity of your own home. <3


February 25th (Raby's Birthday)

My birthday! And my CD Release for my debut album, Nudibranch! And the Swamp Witch video release! And the first time I've performed an electronic set in over a year! I'm so excited to share all my new songs with the world. This is my first solo album. To me, this event is as significant as a wedding. Heart and soul and tears and countless hours and money and the stuff of life poured into this project. Its taken me 37 years to finally give myself my own body of work. This is a declaration of self love!
A bit about the album: representing my 3rd Coast, Dirt-South, Pisces, bumpkin flare and there's a strong water-magic theme throughout the album, both lyrically and in the fluidity of genres. Merman calypso, Vag Trap, Electro-Flamenco, Deadly Synth-Pop, Funky Gogo, Serpentine Trip-Hop. Its vast and varied, like my heart. During the production of Nudibranch, I lost my favorite person, my foundation was shaken, I witnessed my mortality and made it out alive by the skin of my teeth. It is such an honor and privilege to be here now, sharing this story. I'm so excited to witness your response to Nudibranch! Big love!! 
Here's the Facebook event!! If you can't come, you can still hear the whole Nudibranch album! Subscribe below so I can send you songs and other artistry. And thank you so much for the support! - Raby

Amanda Raby is a Wizard-Pop artist with dirty-south-texas infusions of electro-folk, world and synth-pop.


From the sweltry swamp waters of the Texas coast, Amanda Raby is bewitching the Americas. Fans say she sounds like,

“Cyndi Lauper, Portishead and Yolandi mud-wrestle at a psychedelic witches' rodeo."

In the tiny sea of female Pop producers, Raby’s spellbinding style is formalized by poppy synths, folky guitar, divalicious vocals, enchanting operatics and audacious lyrics bent on saucy sorcery. A known shape-shifter, she channels glamorous characters into fantastic cinematic atmospheres.

Raby has garnished grande aplomb via performances at some of the world’s largest transformational music festivals including Envision Fest 2016 and Lightning in a Bottle (2013 + 2014) where she roused revelry with cheeky raps, bodacious operatics and shamanic clown characters.

She is currently producing her anticipated debut album from a remote fishing village on the Texas Gulf Coast while caring for her old mariner Grandfather.  The album is primed with mixing by Ableton Live guru and musical genius, Jon Margulies, a.k.a. Hobotech, and recording at Raby's "The Diva Trailer" mobile studio.

Raby hallmarks an entirely new genre, Wizard Pop, with salty communions, funky culture queues and dreamy grit shamelessly dedicated to magic. She hopes to inspire massive planetary healing and creative liberation through the poetic power that comes through compassion, communion and brazen sass. Raby hopes to hit the festival circuit again one day soon and tour the world while teaching vocal magic workshops.

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