Amanda Raby is a Dirty-South Wizard-Pop artist with infusions of Electro-Folk and World

Amanda Raby is a Dirty-South Wizard-Pop artist with infusions of Electro-Folk and World.

Bubble Gum and Sugar Plums

I wrote this song last year when I went home to East Texas for Christmas.  My Mom lived in a little cabin just down the country road from my childhood neighborhood. That was the year I shot the Bleeding Tooth Fungus video! So now it's Christmas Day 2016 and I'm suddenly vlogging. Maybe I'll get to play this really well and whole band of exotic French guys will play it with me, Zydeco-style.

Verse 1
Good hot fire 'n chestnuts roastin'.
Turkey’s in da fryer cuz Memaws hostin’.
Pr'ty bright lights 'n da brown leaves fallin.
Lil' baby Jesus in a manger - cryin’ n callin’.

Verse 2
Gonna give away stuff, like the oriental kings.
Box it up with fluff n tie it with a string.
Tinsel 'n trim 'n a candy cane too.
Gourmet food like its made at Corden Bleu.

We’re getting
Decadent as a testament to Christ light shinin' bright!
Bubble gum 'n a sugar plum, better bring that appetite,
Cuz its Christmas, its Christmas, its Christmas!!

Verse 3
Colored balls ‘n long socks hangin’.
We’ll recall lil drummer boy bangin’.
Mighty 'n high, like the baldin eagle.
Sittin’ our lil butts down at the good lord’s table.

We’re getting
Decadent as a testament to Christ light shinin' bright!
Bubble gum 'n a sugar plum, better bring that appetite,
Cuz its Christmas, its Christmas, its Christmas!!

Art Outside

Apache Pass - Oct 24th-27th, 2014 - The debut of 

The Potential Show

featuring Raby & The Steaz with dancing by Bijoullette & Crash Alchemy

Art Outside 2014 was the biggest and best I've yet to experience!  The producers are truly taking it up a notch on all levels; from bookings, to artists' booze to sustainable trash management. I met The Steaze in my journeys through the L.A. while performing with the zany variety show, the New Fangled Opry. The vaudeville artists extravaganza toured many west coast festivals and Robby Fitzsimmons, now The Steaze, colluded in the enchantment and captivation of audience members. His charisma is heart wrenching and I'm so honored to witness his transformation as an artist.  Now as The Steaze, he's rainbow glitter sparkles on fire with improv theatrics out the wazoo. Our agent, Agent Red, felt we would be a good match so we created Potentiality as a means to inspire audience members towards their truest potential by embracing our many facets of self. The name fell into our lap because I was in the midst of developing a new product line: Utterly Pregnant Steam from the Heavens - bottled true potential. The Steaze had already adopted the mission of potentiality cultivation so we merged missions. 

Part of Potentiality is what we refer to as genre bending. During our 4 hr late night set, the pendulum swung from calypso love-songs to peanut butter burlesque to unbearably awkward 80's synth-pop butterfly love ballads.

Raby performs Harry Goat reggaeton track with Mark Highlove - All Photos credit Kevin Bradbury

The show began with my new reggaeton track, Harry Goat, featuring the famous Mark Highlove as the goat who relentlessly gorged himself on my overalls, the stage and the audience. From then on it was not unlike a sloppy tennis match; The Steaze punctuating my zany antics with deeper levels of heart strumming. L.A. dance troupe Bijoulette twirled theatric, waxing wonky grapevine steps throughout the crowd and synchronizing pelvic thrusts as Steaze and I pontificated earthquakes and heartbreaks.

Jesselynn Desmond of  Bijoullette, made gazpacho live, to the Gazpacho Song! And NOW you can do that too!

Potentiality fosters a playground for all our alter egos.  Some of them a bit tempestuous. We witnessed Tough Tough Thomas assault deaf clowns and distressed damsels as The Steaze rocked the jam on his keys.

An evil witch, Paprika of Crash Alchemy, threatened to steel the souls of children with the allure of chewy Taffy. And certainly the most awkward moment of the show was the world premier of Archibolde Monarch. This synth-pop butterfly, was barely audible through the proboscis lisp yet highly educational in his professions of love to the entire kingdom of flowers.

Archibold Monarch sings 80's synth-pop and wants to love you flower... love you true... wants to know you... are your leaves chordate? Obovate? Do your petals hang from umbels or panicles? Demonstrate.

 I am eternally grateful to The Steaze for exuding such brilliance that inspires us all towards new levels of artistry and I'm so excited about the future of Potentiality! Snipsy Snaps and Snail Squirm have lots of games to play! N' so do Geronimoe and Kombucha.

The Steaze is on fire

Utterly blown away by the talent of the Bijoulette dancers.  Superfluous with kerphlumpleshpongs and teaming with charisma, these gals pull out all the bath plugs.  I am so grateful for their support and their willingness to bring it, full pregnancy steam.

And lastly, accolades go out to Agent Red and Crash Alchemy.  This very night we are throwing her a surprise party because we love her so much for being a fierce champion of artists and darling friend. Thank you Red for making it happen for all of us.

next up

Pregnant Steam Mongering

Diva Trailer

I bought a travel trailer. Selling most of my possessions, again. Keeping only the best of the best and everything simply sentimental is recycled or gifted. I decided that things were too cluttered and unfocused to support anything more than a life as a dilettante. While I love watercolor meditations, jewelry design, upholstery crafts and crochet, the stuff is just plain distracting. The new space is devoted to music production, touring and fun.

It's begging for an airbrushed space pegasus 

It's begging for an airbrushed space pegasus 

The exterior of the "diva trailer" is trailer-trash sheik, but the interior has received ample demolition, renovations and love! I'm sure this couch saw lots of Michael Bolton boinkin' before I got ahold of it.

Break out the Wilson Phillips tapes! This early 90's vibe - so inspirational.

Break out the Wilson Phillips tapes! This early 90's vibe - so inspirational.

After the renovations! 

After the renovations! 

A pious red-headed lady gifted the flooring, courtesy of Randy's Flooring in Port Lavaca, TX. She pointed out a few scriptures from the good book and sent me off with the lovely oak laminate! I made a point to capture this one about not hanging out with "those who are given to change; for their 'calamity will rise suddenly.'"

I think this means don't hang out with impetuous people like myself. Or maybe it means don't mingle with the schizis. 

Wall rot! Ripped it out!

Wall rot! Ripped it out!

Patched 2 holes in the wall.

Patched 2 holes in the wall.

After ripping out the bed-frame, breaker box, carpet, flooring and all other structures impeding qi-flow, I painted everything white.  It took me about a week to prime and paint but the contrast between the white walls and the rounded black windows made it feel kinda like a storm-trooper. I even rewired the lamps with new sconces and Edison bulbs and added "ceiling-tile" embossed wallpaper to the ceiling.

Funny story.  I didn't realize the original sconces had on-off buttons and I expected the new ones to turn off when I hit the over-head switch.  Didn't happen.  So I retrofitted the new sconces with pull chains. I'd never done electrical wiring before! Fun times.

And I finally found a use for those 2 roles of holographic label stock I acquired from a print vendor back when I was hooking my soul to corporate America. All cabinet interiors and mirrored faces are covered in digital rainbows.  

Princess Turkey Burger is my closest companion. She was chosen from the lot of desperate souls at the San Marcos, TX Animal Shelter because her physiognomy so blatantly exudes "Festival Feline".  We are practicing leashing and midnight marauding in preparation for our tour. She thoroughly enjoys travel, frog-hunting, tree-tops and bottle caps. She also enjoys pretending to be a sleeping cap. She's a skilled vocalist as well as I!

We are diligently working on our new songs.

Spray Tan Fran

Spray Tan Fran REALLY wanted a man

with a warm wooly chest and big strong hands, 

but she was so pale she looked a bit frail. 

She needed help! She needed a plan.

She called up her local aesthetician

and fashioned her diet for optimum nutrition. 

She spray tanned and prayed two-times every day.

Now men fall to her knees by their own volition.