Amanda Raby is a Dirty-South Wizard-Pop artist with infusions of Electro-Folk and World

Amanda Raby is a Dirty-South Wizard-Pop artist with infusions of Electro-Folk and World.




magical vocal workshops

TRIBAL CHOIR facilitator


musical Performances

Encompassing entertainment and genre-bending fusions of electro-pop, calypso, trap, acoustic jazz and honky-tonk. Performances showcase live music and dance, interactive art, improv theater, education and comedic variety acts. Raby's zany theatrics cultivate reverence for the genius of the heart in all it's preposterous profundity. Her performances have been featured at Lightning in a Bottle, SXSW, Envision Fest, Art Outside and Los Angeles Petite Hermitage(residency).

  • FOLK SETS include acoustic lullabies, theatrical calypsos, old-country love songs and Hungarian gypsy waltzes. Intimate and low-key. Perfect for an early morning set at a music festival or for an intimate lullaby atmosphere. Get a taste.
  • ELECTRONIC SETS include Live looping and production with an APC-40 + Ableton Live. Pop tracks encompass a full gamut of genres from explicit Rap and Hip-Hop to 80's Synth-Pop to Salsa. High in theatrics: masks + costume fun + exotic choreography. Dance! Not boring. Show snippet #1! and show snippet #2!



Performances typically include culture-queues and hallmarks of tribal dancing like Butoh, Odissi or Korean Fan Dancing(Buchaechum). Experimental vocal techniques are integrated with a fusion of clowning and dance. 



Roaming characters may include:

  • MOONSCHKALLALOOSHKA Operatic gypsy incantations, fortunes over a flame, hyper-seductive melodies whispered in the ears of diners and dilettantes. Hear her!
  • IN-BREAD HILLBILLY CLOWN (Dodge 350 dually may be included): Country bumpkin escaped out of uncle-brother's back room, free-woman ready to rock out to Styx with a bag o' flaming boogers and her stolen dodge truck.
  • MAMBO WICCAN Includes fruit hat a la Carmen Miranda, operatic mambo, witchcraft
  • COCKNEY STEAM HOCKER bumbling old cockney medicine woman hocks bottles of Potent Steam and pretty ribbons from a pull-cart red wagon (she may sell other worthy merch and memorabilia as part of your event)
  • STRUNG-OUT STARLET Fur-clad glamazon jazz singer hits the bottle a little too hard and becomes the life of the party and the crowned queen of drama.
  • ALCHEMEST O' SOUND Mad scientist wizard woman wears a magical head dress of jewels and magnifying glasses while channeling spirits in vocal alchemy. The alchemist may rouse a tribal choir in honor of our sacred hearts as one with earth spirit. Funny, fun, epic, and powerful!
  • WILD TRIBAL SHAMAN Highly primitive tribal shaman leads collective prayers for the land and sea. No English. Call and response singing. Great for entertaining waiting lines at box offices.

Raby does characters custom-tailored to special events. Just ask!


PUBLIC RITUAL + tribal choirs

Raby is a gifted facilitator of ecstatic choir and dance. The foundation of rituals are rooted in comedy and extend into eros for powerful, playful and sensual communion. Compassion is cultivated through the voice and movement.

Tribal choirs usually range in size from 8 to 30 but may be larger. Participants may be guided through Qi-Gong, breath work and vocal play before the choir ensues. Choirs may travel through public spaces, like caroling!



As a character actress with training in dance, Raby is a master of emotion and emoting. Set a dramatic mood a la Italian Renaissance clown or keep things more casual with back-woods hobo clown.

Trained in tribal and interpretive dance, Raby's theatrical stylings are perfect for stage cameos, shadow dancing or go-go side-shows.



  • VOCAL ACROBATICS + EXPERIMENTAL VOCAL TECHNIQUES Raby teaches movement and breath-control, stylistic techniques and energetic techniques to break through personal fears and boundaries surrounding the voice. Super fun class! 
  • CLOWNING INSTRUCTION Includes character development, eye-contact and crowd manipulation. Comedic timing and pregnant pauses play into story-lining and costuming. Super fun class!



Raby is a skilled illustrator and painter. An Agency Art Director and veteran designer, Raby is now returning to her fine-art grass roots. Book Raby as a live painter or body doodler at your next event. See portfolio here!



Raby is the multimedia project of 7th generation Texas artist Amanda Raby. She is best known for her work as a producer, singer and songwriter, although 'Raby' is also a character actress, designer/illustrator and dancer/aerialist. In 2013 Raby was awarded the "Pulchritude Award" by Von Trumpsmear Affiliates & Associates. She is currently recording her anticipated debut album in Austin, Texas.